The Prime Minister Vishwakarma Skill Honor (PM VIKAS), popularly known as PM Vishwakarma, is a government program launched in India with the goal of empowering artisans and craftsmen across the country.

Launched on September 17, 2023, by the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME), this initiative aims to support artisans and craftsmen engaged in 18 specified trades, including blacksmiths, potters, carpenters, weavers, and others.

Objectives of the PM Vishwakarma Scheme

The PM Vishwakarma Scheme embodies several key objectives aimed at providing assistance and empowerment to artisans and craftspeople in India. Here are some of the central goals:

Skill and Knowledge Development: The initiative prioritizes skill and knowledge enhancement among artisans through various means such as organizing training programs and workshops. These efforts empower artisans to refine their traditional skills, learn new techniques, and create higher-quality products. By staying proactive in skill development, artisans can maintain their relevance in the market and effectively respond to changing consumer demands.

Enhancing quality and productivity: The initiative aims to elevate the quality and productivity of artisans’ craftsmanship by providing them with modern tools and equipment. By equipping artisans with these resources, their products become more attractive to potential buyers, potentially increasing their income in the process.

Enabling financial access: The scheme offers access to collateral-free loans and various financial support mechanisms, removing a significant hurdle for artisans seeking to expand their businesses. This empowerment allows them to invest in essential resources such as raw materials, tools, and marketing, thereby promoting further growth and development.

Promoting digital integration: The program incentivizes digital transactions, aiming to improve financial literacy and inclusion among artisans. Moreover, it promotes the creation of a digital footprint for their businesses, expanding their market reach and visibility to potential customers.

Enhancing market connections: By leveraging branding strategies, utilizing e-commerce platforms, and actively participating in trade fairs, the initiative aims to strengthen market linkages for artisans. This proactive approach facilitates direct access to both domestic and international markets, creating new avenues for sales and enhancing their earning potential.

Safeguarding traditional crafts: The scheme is instrumental in safeguarding and showcasing India’s rich legacy of traditional crafts through comprehensive support to artisans and their craftsmanship. This dedication guarantees the preservation and passing down of time-honored techniques to forthcoming generations, thereby fostering the sustained vitality and evolution of these cultural traditions.

Fostering empowerment in individuals and communities: In essence, the PM Vishwakarma Scheme aims to empower individual artisans and craft communities by providing them with necessary resources and skills, thereby promoting self-sufficiency and fostering economic prosperity. Ultimately, this initiative contributes to the broader social and economic development of India.

Eligibility criteria for this scheme

The PM Vishwakarma Scheme extends support to individuals aged 18 and above engaged in traditional crafts and artisanal work within family-centric trades in the unorganized sector. These individuals must operate on a self-employment basis to qualify for assistance under the scheme. Currently, the program covers 18 specific trades, including carpentry, blacksmithing, pottery, weaving, and others.

To avail the benefits of the program, it is important to have the following documents readily available.

• Aadhar Card

• Voter Identity Card

• Proof of Occupation

• Mobile Number

• Bank Account Details

• Income Certificate

• Caste Certificate

How does one benefit from this scheme?

The initiative endeavors to elevate the standard and availability of products and services provided by artisans and craftspeople. Additionally, it aims to integrate them into both local and global value chains by providing skill development training, toolkits, improved market access through digital platforms, and opportunities to participate in trade fairs.

The scheme prioritizes the integration of artisans into the value chain, fostering connections with larger businesses, government projects, and export markets. This initiative enables artisans to increase their income and significantly contribute to the economy. Over the course of five years, the program aims to include 5 lakh families in the first year and scale up to encompass 3 million families by the end of the five-year period. This systematic and scalable approach underscores the strategy for implementing the scheme.

All eligible individuals will undergo free registration via common service centres (CSCs) using the biometric-based PM Vishwakarma portal. Acknowledgment and skill enhancement are integral components of the PM Vishwakarma Scheme for enrolled artisans.

The scheme’s beneficiaries are recognized through the following:

PM Vishwakarma Certificate: This official document serves as proof of participation in the scheme, validating the artisan’s expertise and competency in their traditional craft. It can enhance credibility and marketability, potentially increasing opportunities for artisans.

PM Vishwakarma ID Card: Functioning as a form of identification and authentication, this card verifies the artisan’s participation and skills, granting access to various benefits and opportunities offered by the scheme.

Foundational training: Over a duration of five to seven days, this program focuses on fundamental skills relevant to the specific trade, aiming to improve quality, productivity, and efficiency.

Advanced training: The 15-day program caters to individuals seeking to hone their skills and explore innovative techniques. It holds the potential to unlock opportunities for the development of higher-value products and services.

Training allowance: During the training period, participants receive a daily stipend of ₹500 to cover basic expenses and encourage their active engagement in the program.

Fundamentally, the components of acknowledgment and skill enhancement within the scheme work together to empower its beneficiaries.

Moreover, the PM Vishwakarma Scheme offers a range of benefits to qualified artisans and craftsmen, such as:

Tool kit incentive: Artisans and craftsmen can obtain e-vouchers valued at up to ₹15,000 to procure the essential tools and equipment required for their specific trades.

Financial assistance: Beneficiaries can access collateral-free “Enterprise Development Loans” amounting to a total limit of up to ₹3 lakhs. These loans are disbursed in two instalments: ₹1 lakh initially and ₹2 lakhs subsequently. The loans come with a concessional interest rate of 5%.

Digital transaction incentive: Beneficiaries have the opportunity to earn Rs 1 per transaction, with a maximum cap of 100 transactions per month. This initiative aims to encourage the uptake of cashless transactions among artisans and craftspeople.

Promotional support: Artisans and craftspeople can benefit from support provided by the National Committee for Marketing (NCM) across multiple domains, encompassing quality certification, branding, promotional activities, connectivity to e-commerce platforms, participation in trade fairs, as well as advertising and publicity efforts.

Process to apply to the Vishwakarma Scheme online

The online application process for the PM Vishwakarma Scheme is designed to be simple and user-friendly, involving just a few straightforward steps. These steps include:

Enrolment: Choose the “Register” option and proceed by entering your mobile number and completing the Aadhaar e-KYC verification process.

Craftsperson enrollment form: Once you’ve registered, navigate to the “Apply Online For Artisan Registration Form” section to proceed with your application.

Form completion: Carefully fill out the application form with accurate information, ensuring to provide details such as your name, skills, Aadhaar number, and any other required information.

Documentation: Upload scanned copies of essential documents like your Aadhaar card, bank details, skill certificate, etc. Make sure to refer to the official website for the precise list of required documents.

Application submission: Review your application thoroughly before submitting it. Once submitted, you’ll receive an application ID for tracking your application status.

The Indian government plans to develop a dedicated mobile application for the scheme. This app aims to offer artisans and craftspeople a user-friendly platform for registration, tracking application status, accessing scheme details, and potentially availing other services.


1. Who is eligible to apply for the PM Vishwakarma Yojana, and what are the qualifying criteria?

– The PM Vishwakarma Yojana is open to individuals aged 18 and above who are actively engaged in artisanal or craft-based activities within family-centric traditional trades. To qualify for assistance through the scheme, applicants must operate on a self-employment basis within the unorganized sector. Additionally, artisans must be involved in one of the 18 designated trades covered by the program, such as carpentry, blacksmithing, pottery, weaving, and others.

2. What documents are required for the application process, and how can they be obtained?

– To apply for the PM Vishwakarma Yojana, applicants must have certain documents readily available. These include:

  • Aadhar Card
  • Voter Identity Card
  • Proof of Occupation
  • Mobile Number
  • Bank Account Details
  • Income Certificate
  • Caste Certificate

   These documents can be obtained from relevant authorities and should be scanned and uploaded during the application process.

3. What types of financial assistance are available under the PM Vishwakarma Yojana?

– The PM Vishwakarma Yojana provides financial support to artisans in various forms. Eligible participants may receive:

  • E-vouchers worth up to ₹15,000 for the acquisition of necessary tools and equipment.
  • Collateral-free “Enterprise Development Loans” with a total limit of up to ₹3 lakhs, disbursed in two installments at a concessional interest rate of 5%.
  • Incentives for digital transactions, allowing artisans to earn Rs 1 per transaction for a maximum of 100 transactions per month.

4. What training programs are available under the PM Vishwakarma Yojana, and how can artisans enroll?

– The scheme offers comprehensive skill development programs aimed at enhancing the capabilities of artisans in their respective trades. These programs include:

  • Fundamental skill development programs spanning five to seven days.
  • Advanced skill enhancement programs designed for a duration of 15 days.

   Artisans can enroll in these programs through designated training centers and institutions affiliated with the PM Vishwakarma Yojana.

5. How can artisans track the progress of their applications and access scheme-related information?

– Artisans can monitor the status of their applications and access relevant information through the PM Vishwakarma Yojana’s dedicated online portal. By logging in with their credentials, applicants can track the progress of their applications, access scheme-related updates, and avail themselves of other services provided under the program. Additionally, the Indian government plans to introduce a specialized mobile application for the scheme, offering artisans a convenient platform for registration and access to various services.

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