Lucky house plants and herbs and how to take care of them!!

indoor plants

Plants are essential for directing the positive energy natural flow. They help cleanse the environment through carbon dioxide absorption and relieve tension. Plants remove sluggish and stale energy from the home. They unconsciously link us to the green tint, which has healing effects. Healthy, growing plants in the proper directions, boost the capacity to draw plenty into one’s life and strengthen relationships, according to the Vastu Shastra.

Here are some plants that offer happiness, peace and prosperity!!!


According to Vastu shastra, Tulsi or holy basil is one of the most powerful, sacred and favourable plants which promotes positivity at home. This plant, of considerable therapeutic value, may cleanse the atmosphere and keep away the insects. Tulsi may be planted on the front or rear of the home, on the balcony or windows, wherever the sun is exposed to.

Plant Jade:

Jade plant is well-known for bestowing good luck with its tiny spherical leaf. The Jade plant is the symbol of good luck and good positive energy, and can thus be placed in the house or workplace. Jade symbolises growth and renewal, and the form of the leaves is like jade stones. But do not keep the jade plant in the bathroom. You can buy jade plants online and make your house look more beautiful.

Plant of bamboo:

The fortunate bamboo plant (Dracaena Sanderiana) originates from Southeastern Asia and is associated with good fortune and health, both of them Vastu. The number of stalks in the plant has a dominant influence on the significance of a specific fortunate bamboo plant. It should have five stalks for money, for example; six for good luck; seven stalks for health and 21 for health and vast fortune. Bamboo plants also work as air purifiers and eliminate contaminants from the environment. Keep the bamboo plant on the east corner preferably.

Plant Money:

Money plant (pothos) is said to provide money and good luck and assist overcome financial barriers. Money plants function as natural air filters when the pollutants are filtered from the air. Very minimal upkeep is required. Keeping a money plant at home may contribute to success in both personal and professional areas. It is stated.

Palm Areca:

Areca palm trees bring health, tranquilly and wealth. It helps to remove destructive energy and attracts positive energy. This leafy plant may be cultivated in indirect sunlight anywhere in the house. It can eliminate common air contaminants and also enhance moisture.

Plant of rubber:

The rubber plant is rich, as the rounded leaves are like coins. When put in the house, abundance is supposed to be provided. The rubber plant also enhances indoor air because it is a natural cleanser of the air.

Fern Boston:

Boston ferns assist to make your house seem positive. It’s a wonderful trailer to put in your bathroom or on a bookcase. Ferns in Boston prefer bright, indirect sunshine. Keep your surroundings wet and ensure the soil is constantly damp.

Herbs which are good for your home!!! 


This herb maintains poor vibrations and is perfect to attract money and prosperity. The scent of mint leaves helps soothe your worries and rekindle your hopes. It also helps to relieve strained muscles and has therapeutic benefits.


Sage is considered to prevent evil and has purifying powers. The sage plant helps to remove destructive energy from the dwelling. It also has a strong fragrance and medicinal characteristics. You can buy plants online and make your house more positive.

Ajwain (carom):

This herbal plant is said to be rich. It doesn’t need water or sunlight on a regular basis. The plant’s lovely ribbed floors are delicious and a peaceful home for an upsetting tummy.

Tips to cultivate and care for plants that offer happiness:

1. To produce positive energy, select healthy plants with bright leaves.

2. Trees such as neem and mango give good benefits in all directions.

3. It was beneficial for each house to have a gooseberry tree in the north-eastern direction, the grenade in the north-west, the banyan in the east, the gular South, west peepul and north pakads (ficus).

4. In your kitchen garden crops herbs such as coriander, thyme and rosemary in addition to growing turmeric that is related to wealth.

5. A citrus plant, in addition to emitting a fresh scent, helps create a pleasant atmosphere according to Vastu.

6. Remove dry leaves, flowers and weeds since they draw bad energy. Remove them.

7. Grow hibiscus, champa, and marigold flowers, since they are regarded beneficial, in the garden at home.

8. Avoid plants with thorns, except for a few therapeutic plants, because they cause tensions in the surroundings.

9. Do not cultivate plants in chipped pots or vases.

10. According to Vastu, it is not recommended to grow creepers with support on the home wall.

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